For the past 2 years I’ve been releasing music all on my own to a myriad of success. For me the majority of those recordings only served one purpose and that was to get my message out to the public. My message was simple; I can make quality recordings about everyday situations from my perspective with no outside help. I’m really hands on and I always wanted to keep this “even you could do this” feel. I am very particular with anything I record. For a long time I thought I’d be the only person who could see my vision. Only until the summer of 2013 did I finally meet a producer who not only enjoyed every hip hop record I’d ever loved, but he owned them all on vinyl too! I ended up spending the last 6 months of the year in the studio with him crafting my EP. At the time did we know what exactly we were making? No, we generally just got together and exchanged ideas and crafted these songs from nothing into very introspective and personal stories that really draw you in. I am beyond proud to say the songs on #GUERILLA are sonically sound. I’ve never heard my voice come across this well before over tracks. I am really excited for everyone to hear it and I really hope this Friday everyone goes to:

and downloads “Give You the World.” So the world can finally hear what I’ve been so excited to release since last year.

Don’t forget the rest of #GUERILLA will be out 2-7-14


Christopher George Latore Wallace - The Notorious BIG